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Headquartered in San Leandro, California, Pacific Coast Laboratories (PCL) develops advanced listening systems and earpieces for two-way radios. These communications solutions are regarded by police, military and first responders as the best tactical earpieces available. 
Beginning with the fabrications of high-quality custom ear molds for hearing impaired, medical and hearing protection applications, PCL has more than a half century of experience in the field of human hearing. In addition to developing the highest quality earpieces for tactical communications, PCL provides audiologists across the US with custom earpiece mold design and manufacturing services.   

PCL revolutionized tactical communications with its Behind-The-Ear (BTE) design that places a high-fidelity speaker directly behind the ear. This patented approach eliminates many of the problems associated with traditional hollow-coil earpieces to deliver superior listening and greater reliability. 
Designed for the rigorous requirements of police, fire and security personnel, these systems are also popular with professional race car drivers, event staff, television journalists or people in any walk of life where secure and audible two-way radio communications are vital. Many of these products are not only designed but also manufactured in the USA from the highest quality components, providing unrivalled durability, reliability and sound fidelity.

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