Ear Tip Sizing Guide

Stock communications ear tips come in three (3) sizes: small, medium and large. They are also ear specific for left ears or right ears. When ordering ear tips, you must specify what size and which side.

The vast majority of people order a medium size ear tip. Having said this, it is good to recognize what size stock ear tip would fit well for each individual's ear. The criteria for a good fit is based on ear geometry.



In the picture, you can see the "concha" region of an ear. To properly fit a stock communications ear tip, look at the height of the concha. Medium size stock communications ear tips are typically around 1" in height, Smaller ears have a concha that is a little shorter and larger ears have a concha that is a little taller. While it is not critical to precisely measure each ear, this description is a basic guide to assist you with the ordering process. As reference, a US quarter is slightly under 1" in diameter.