PCL Communications has been innovating solutions for the human ear for more than 60 years. These products range from custom earpieces for hearing protection and other applications to tactical communications solutions with unmatched durability and sound fidelity. These include the ground-breaking PCL advance over traditional hollow coil products — the patented PCL Soundwaves® HD earpiece, which puts a hearing aid quality speaker directly behind the ear and eliminates condensation problems.

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Complete Kits

Complete, ready-to-go kits for the most common radio brands and tactical communications needs.

Tactical Earpieces

A complete array of communications solutions for tactical professionals, including patented Made-in-the-USA SoundWaves HD behind-the-ear listening devices with Kevlar®-filled super elastic cables.

Replacement Parts

Custom ear molds for the hearing impaired as well as communication, hearing protection and medical applications.

Connectors and Adapters

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Get a great fit molded to the precise shape of your ear, giving the ultimate in hearing enhancement or protection.