PCL Communications has been an innovator in ear safety products for over 60 years. From custom fit ear tips for hearing and ear protection to tactical and professional radio communication accessories, PCL Communications provides products with unmatched quality and durability.

Our patented SoundWaves® audio wires employ a hearing aid quality speaker that is located directly behind the ear. This high-quality speaker, 3” acoustic tube and optimized placement results in both higher volume and better sound clarity. SoundWaves® wires are available with a standard polarized 2-pin connector (SW-HD) or with an audio jack supporting 3.5mm and 2.5mm connections (SW-UL-3.5 and SW-UL-2.5.) Another benefit of SoundWaves® wires is the elimination of condensation issues. Hollow coil audio wires are prone to condensation in the 19” coiled tube and this condensation prohibits sound from reaching the ear.


Which radio brand do you use?

Complete Kits

Complete, ready-to-go kits for the most common radio brands and tactical communications needs.

Tactical Earpieces

A complete array of communications solutions for tactical professionals.

Radio Adapters

Select your Brand and Model below to see what is available.

Replacement Parts

Replacement parts such as stock ear tips, audio wires (earpieces), connecting wires, barbed elbows and badge clips for 2-way radio systems.

Custom Fit Ear Tips

Custom fit ear products for communications, ear protection and recreation. These products support 2-way radio communications, can provide hearing and/or ear protection, or can attach to your music earbuds or Bluetooth device.
These products cannot be purchased on-line as they require ear impressions. Contact us directly for ordering information.

Connector Reference Guide

This is a reference section for radio connectors. Find the make and model of your 2-way radio to determine which connector is compatible with your radio or radio adapter. 
These products are hard wired to other products and cannot be purchased individually. Contact us with questions or if you would like additional information.


Get a great fit molded to the precise shape of your ear, giving the ultimate in hearing protection or enhancement.